​​Our History

In the Spring of 1982, Bristol Optical, a family-owned eyewear manufacturer, opened it's doors to the world of optical labs. Nestled among the bustling city life of colorful Miami, we thrived on offering a unique line of specialty lenses, aptly named Bristolite. The community of optical labs embraced our innovative products nationwide, and for this, we will always be grateful.

In 2014, seeking a larger audience, we added to our brick & mortar building with a larger warehouse, lab equipment and a new home on the internet. The expansion allowed us to gain retail customers as well as maintaining our bread & butter wholesale accounts, and the ability to offer better prices and a greater variety of products.

“With 40 plus years of optical experience under our
belt, we ​understand the importance of building customer         relationships and continue to do so one lens at a time.”

                                              —Alexander Bristol, President

About Us

Bristol Optical​TM


Say hello to higher profits!

​​Company Profile

Our Strategy

  • Great Pricing: We offer deeply discounted pricing, so you can afford our products, and make a nice profit when offering them to you patients.​​
  • Superior Quality: Our equipment allows us to offer the highest quality lenses and coating for the best price possible.
  • Excellent Service: For the past five years, our lab has received rave reviews for out excellent service, and personable customer service representatives. 

​​Our Philosophy

Your Patient’s Vision is Important to Us.


At Bristol Optical, we care about your patient's vision and use state-of-the art equipment to produce the highest quality lenses and coatings for the best price possible. Whether you need conventional, lens/frame packages, digital free-form 

or frames alone, we can help you. We never cut corners — just costs — where
your patient is concerned. You can trust in Bristol. 

Our goal is simple ---

to offer the most current and timeless optical lens & frames designs with superior quality 

materials at an exceptional price.

The satisfaction of our customers is, and always will be our

top priority.

OLA Hall of Fame

2011 Optical Laboratory Association (OLA) Certificate of Honor,

"Hall of Fame of the Optical Pioneers" awarded to Alexander

Bristol ​​for outstanding contributions made to the wholesale optical

laboratory industry.  

Bristol Optical


Founded: March, 1982

Owner:     Alexander N. Bristol


Areas of Expertise: Conventional

Lenses, Stock Lenses and coming soon - Digital!